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Our brands

Thanks to our experience in the market and the knowledge of all the products, our own brands are backed by the industrial experience of GIA GROUP.

HTW, belongs to GIA GROUP, stands for HIGH TECHNOLOGY WORLD, that is, a highly technological world. Technology, reliability, efficiency, durability, design … all these terms define the HTW brand, where we bet for each one of them to create products with an avant-garde design and an extraordinary quality.

That is why at HTW we believe in a universal brand for a global environment, where our raison d’être is to improve the lives of people and their environment without deteriorating the environment.

All our products have been designed in compliance with the European regulation regulated under the directive Ecodesign 2009/125 / CE, much more efficient.

HTW units not only comply with these regulations, but even exceed the requirements for later years, with series that can reach energy efficiency levels in warm weather up to A +++.

Moreover, thanks to the high quality of the products we have one of the lowest failure rates in the sector, which makes our air conditioning product a safe bet.

GIATSU, is the new brand of GIA GROUP, with the advantage of starting with a development of products sensitive to the great themes of environmental protection and energy saving.

GIATSU aims to continue to meet the needs of our customers in the domestic as well as the industrial with its wide range of products in a constant evolution.


GIATSU designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of sophisticated high-tech air-conditioning systems, including air-cooled chillers and heat pumps, VRF systems, wall, ceiling, cassette and floor-ceiling splits, multisplits, and compact systems. Allow to respond to all kinds of domestic, commercial, semi-industrial and industrial needs.